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How to visit the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula | CNN Travel

The itinerary usually takes travelers to unfinished infiltration tunnels (said to be built by the North), the barricaded Freedom Bridge (used to return prisoners at the end of the war), Nuri Peace Park, the Dora Observatory and the Mount Odu Observatory. Also known as Unification Hill, the Mount Odu Observatory is a highlight, providing voyeuristic travelers with binoculars and 360-degree views across the peninsula. From this perch, you'll see the modern cities and cars of South Korea in one direction, juxtaposed with marshy landscapes up north. While largely desolate, you might spot a glimpse of graceful white cranes, eagles, bears, goats or deer. Some tours also provide the chance to speak -- or go hiking -- with North Korean defectors to better understand what life is like across the border. "There are some farmers living within the DMZ on the North side," says Cockerell. "By and large, North Korean lives are very difficult." Even though you're tethered to a guide, the broader DMZ experience can pack in a few surprises, from the unexpected wildlife to a contemporary art museum , a three-hole golf course and the off-chance celebrity sighting. And if you would like to see a few aspects of the zone sans tour guide, you can visit the powerful DMZ Museum or Unification Tower -- both of which are open to independent travelers on the South. "I have been to the DMZ over 169 times and I have many great memories from this area," says Cockerell.

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BBC - Travel - In South Korea, age is measured in bowls of soup

Respect and devotion radiated toward those at the top of the social order. Benevolence and reward flowed back. This is reflected in the Korean language, which has seven distinct forms of speech to handle all possible social situations. Knowing which to use depends on the relative status of the person being addressed. The most basic measure of position is age. Showing respect to a parent, and by extension to any elder, is among the most important behaviours of all. The tradition of communal aging makes it easier to determine one’s relative status. All else being equal, people with the same birth year are on the same social level. It doesn’t matter if they were born in March or November.

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